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"I was so nervous having acupuncture, having a fear of the needle. So to voluntary have them was way out of my comfort zone, but I knew that Victoria's acupuncture would help centre my energy (as that could be a bit all over the place ) and I had recently had some stressful events happen in my life so knew that the treatment would help relieve some suppressed anxiety.

Everyone who came to see Victoria were coming out so positive, energised and happy with the results and kept going back. I knew I could trust Victoria and so I bit the bullet and had my first session. Victoria was amazing, so understanding and calm she made me comfortable and relaxed and put me at ease straight away by explaining everything very clearly and kept me informed through the treatment. I was instantly feeling the energy boost and have been so happy with the results I have been going back consistently. So from a nervous nelly to now an acupuncture junky I love my sessions with Victoria and would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Victoria." Sabrina D

"Following a stressful period recently, I found great relief after treatment and a general feeling of well-being. I felt relaxed and able to face everything again." Angela S

"I turned to acupuncture for help with stress-related symptoms. On meeting Victoria she made me feel instantly at ease; I knew I would be able to discuss any issues or concerns with her.

Victoria’s professionalism and knowledge of acupuncture is reassuring for those who haven't experienced the treatment before. The mystery of acupuncture was soon replaced with confidence in the positives that such therapy can deliver.

After a couple of needle treatments I began to feel much more relaxed with an increase in energy levels, which allowed me to cope better with not only my stress symptoms but life in general!

I believe I have benefited greatly from these sessions and would certainly recommend Victoria to anyone considering acupuncture." Giovanni R

"Such a roller coaster ride with all of my pains

You found the cause of my pain especially my Planter Fasciitis. Planter Fasciitis pain was an injury I suffered when I was jogging last year ... so painful on the sole of my right foot and heel when I walked. I took numerous pain killers but nothing worked. I can now walk with no pain on my right sole foot... Thanks to you, I am now pain free...before you treated me, I had many limitations as pain was my constant companion...I am so grateful for all you have done so far and more treatment to come......

Thank you for your compassion, patience and understanding. I just feel like a whole new person my mood swings, energy levels and Planter Fasciitis pains are better than before." Jane V

"I was treated for urinary incontinence following a blood transfusion when I was given fluids to counteract a reaction during the transfusion. After 2 treatments my condition disappeared." William S